Resources for Aspiring (and Experienced) Massachusetts Teachers

The following links will take you to websites for educators, many of which contain job openings, professional development opportunities, and chances to network with other teachers in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Teachers Association—
The state affiliate of the National Education Association. Members enjoy free legal advice, publications, access to job postings, and networking opportunities with more than one hundred thousand teachers across Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education—
Contains certification requirements and forms, job postings, and other resources for educators. (Massachusetts)—
Includes job postings, a chatboard to network with other Massachusetts teachers, and lesson plans.

Association of American Educators—
Provides legal protection, liability insurance, and professional development opportunities. Members can also apply for classroom grants and teacher scholarships.

School Spring—
Contains access to nearly forty thousand teaching jobs across the United States, including hundreds in Massachusetts.

K-12 Jobs—
Has open teaching positions for public, private, and vocational schools across the country.

ABC Teaching Jobs—
Access to teaching jobs by state, grade level, and subject area.

Allows current and prospective teachers to apply online for thousands of teaching jobs in more than three hundred school districts throughout the nation.—
Contains postings for Massachusetts teaching jobs, message boards for networking, and links to teaching-related resources.

Top School Jobs—
Education Week’s job posting website, which contains thousands of postings for open teaching positions across the country.

Specific Teacher Associations—While most professional associations for Massachusetts’ teachers of specific subjects consist of local chapters of national organizations, there are a few stand-alone teacher associations:

  • Massachusetts Music Teachers Association—
  • Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages—
  • Massachusetts Foreign Language Association—

Last Updated: 05/19/2014