Subject Matter Requirements

Each of the MTEL exams has unique subject matter requirements. The candidate is expected to demonstrate a basic or greater knowledge of all the topics on the subtests. The MTEL Multiple Subjects exam is more basic than the individual tests. Each of the MTEL individual subject tests requires the candidate to have extensive and broad knowledge within that category. The tests in the arts, e.g.: writing, music, photography, require the candidate to be familiar not only with the history of their specialty, and how it relates to society, but also to demonstrate the ability to perform competently within that art form.

Each of the MTEL tests has a specific content requirement description provided on-line at Simply click on the subject you are interested in and a new page will open up that gives a very detailed breakdown of each topic covered on all the subtests in that subject. These subject matter requirement descriptions would make an ideal study outline. All the information on the descriptions is on the test and everything on the test is on the description. If you can say with confidence that you know everything on the subject matter requirement list, you can say with equal confidence that you will do well on the MTEL exam.

Last Updated: 05/19/2014