Scores and Score Reports

Unofficial scores are available on the Internet by 5:00 p.m. on the score report date. These scores may only be viewed one time, and are only available on-line for about two weeks. These results are not official, and cannot be used in place of the official score. The official scores are mailed to the candidate and to any institution you requested be given scores. You should keep the original copy of the score report for your records, and if a copy is requested, it should be a photocopy rather than the original.

When you get your scores, you also get an explanation of how to interpret the results. Each subtest is scored individually. While individual sections of a subtest must be passed at the same time, once a subtest has been passed, you do not have to retake that subtest even if there are other subtests that must be retaken in order to fulfill certification requirements as long as you complete the certification within five years. There is no limit on the number of times you can retake a subtest, but you must register each time. To pass an examination, you must pass each subtest. When you get the test, you will either be given the information that you passed the test, or you will be given the score you received. Passing test scores are not provided.

Multiple-choice questions are scored by machine, as correct or incorrect. Constructed-answer questions are scored by two or more California teachers who are qualified in that area. They score the answers based on how well the answer responds directly to the question asked, demonstration of knowledge of the subject matter, supporting information provided for any conclusions made, and depth and breadth of understanding of the subject matter.

Obtaining Your Test Results

MTEL Test scores are informally made available on the Internet by 5:00 p.m. on the test report date. These results are informal only and should only be used to determine whether you probably passed or not. These results may only be viewed one time, and are only available for about two weeks. The formal results are mailed to the address you provided at registration, and to any institutions you asked the results be released to. When you get the results in the mail, there will be an explanation packet that will assist you in interpreting the results. If you passed the subtest you will only be notified of passing. You will not receive a score. If you did not pass, you will receive a score so you can determine where you had trouble. If your payment for the MTEL test has not gone through, you have 13 days to ensure that payment is made. If payment is not made during that time, all scores are voided. Subsequent payment is necessary before you can retake the test, but the scores will not be released.

You may request a score verification in writing for an additional fee. If the verification is on the multiple-choice portion, the rescoring will be done right away. The written portion will be rescored the next time the test is offered and scored. If there is an adjustment of the score, you will be notified in writing, and your verification fee will be refunded to you. If the score is not changed, you will be notified in writing that the score is affirmed, and you do not get a refund of the verification fee.

Score Report Explanation

On the MTEL score report date you can get an unofficial score report on-line. This report can only be viewed one time, and only available for about two weeks after the test is taken. The unofficial report serves only to give the candidate an idea about whether they passed the test or not. The unofficial score cannot be used for any other purpose.

The formal and official MTEL score report will be mailed to the address the candidate gave at the time of registration. For those who passed the exam, only the fact that there was a passing score will be given. The actual score will not be released. For those who did not pass, the minimum passing score is provided as well as the score that was actually achieved. Additionally, there is a summary of what MTEL subtests have been taken, and which of those subtests have been successfully passed. There is also an explanation of the individual candidate's strengths and weaknesses on that subtest for use in preparing for a retake of that MTEL subtest at some point in the future.

If the candidate believes an error was made in scoring the MTEL test either on the multiple-choice portion of the subtest or on the constructed-answer portion, the candidate can request a score verification for an extra fee. If the score is modified as a result of the verification, the fee will be refunded. If the score does not get modified, the candidate will receive notice that the score was affirmed, and the fee is not returned.

Last Updated: 05/19/2014