The Day Of The MTEL Test

Dress in layers so you are comfortable whatever the temperature of the room. Also, wearing soft-soled shoes is appreciated to keep the noise level in the testing room as low as possible. Be sure to get to the test site a little early. If you are late, you may not be allowed entry. It will be considered an absence, and you will not be entitled to any rescheduling or refunds. You will have to register and pay again to take the test at a future time. When you arrive you will be asked for your admission ticket, and state-issued photo identification. If you don't have a state ID, you may be allowed entry, but you will be required to provide acceptable identification within 13 days. If you do not provide the identification, your test scores will be voided.

You should bring several sharpened lead pencils, since they will not be provided. Calculators will be provided for the tests that require them, and personal calculators are not allowed. Also not allowed are any other technological devices or other test aids like highlighters. No bags of any sort are allowed so make arrangements to only bring what you can carry in your pocket. Water bottles are allowed as long as they are clear, have no label, and can be sealed. Once the testing begins, you cannot leave the test room for any reason other than restroom breaks.

The time allotted may be used in any way you see fit. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, the individual subtests are not timed. Some people may use considerably less than the time given, but plan to use all the time. No extra time is allowed. Once you have finished the test you must leave the testing area. If you are scheduled for a test in the afternoon session you must leave and return at the appointed time for that session.

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Last Updated: 05/19/2014