Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure program was established by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to certify teachers Pre - K through 12th grade. MTEL communication and literacy tests, together with tests that assess subject matter comprehension are designed to identify Massachusetts teachers with a sufficient level of skills and knowledge to successfully teach Massachusetts youth. Applicants can also test to gain vocational technical or adult basic education licenses.

The tests are composed of both multiple - choice and open - response questions. Open - response questions are either essay or problem-solving format. Listening, reading, speaking and writing fluently are assessed in the languages other than English tests.

All the MTEL tests are criterion - referenced and evaluate a candidate's knowledge of subject content against an objective standard. Tests are not ranked in comparison to those of other applicants. Massachusetts public school teachers, higher education faculty, vocational tech teachers, adult education teachers, and other education professionals have reviewed all questions to ensure they align with Massachusetts licensure policies, Massachusetts Vocational Technical Education Regulations, and student learning standards as described by the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and the Adult Basic Education Curriculum Frameworks.

Included are a number of tests and subtests. The Communication and Literacy Skills test; Academic (PreK-12) subject matter tests; Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test; Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test; and Adult Basic Education test are areas included in the program.

In order to successfully pass the selected MTEL tests or subtests, serious candidates will give substantial time to material review and test preparation. We have found that one of the best ways to prepare is through the study of practice test questions, for two reasons. First, taking practice tests helps examinees recognize in which content areas they are strongest, and which need a greater portion of their study time. Secondly, practice questions help examinees get the 'hang' of the test format, including how multiple - choice questions are worded and structured. Because practice test questions are so important, we've created a set of free, no - strings - attached questions to help you get a jump - start on your review. Passing the MTEL won't be a piece of cake, but with organized, focused review, you can succeed on your first attempt! Register to take the MTEL exam at the MTEL website.

Teaching in Massachusetts: What You Need to Get Started

Few careers offer the personal satisfaction of teaching. As a teacher, you get to share your passion about a subject you love with students and in the process, help them discover their own passion and potential. And you even get paid to do it!

Before you are allowed the privilege of guiding young minds in Massachusetts, however, you must complete several steps. All teachers must meet the state’s certification requirements, which measure how much you know about teaching and the subject you intend to teach. Then you must decide what kind of school you want to teach in—public, private, or independent school. Finally, there’s applying for a job and interviewing, which hopefully leads to your first teaching job.

To make the process of becoming a teacher in Massachusetts easier, we gathered information about teacher certification requirements, salary data, and job tips and advice. We even have a list of online resources helpful to prospective teachers, many of which regularly post job openings around the state. Becoming a teacher in Massachusetts may seem like a difficult process, especially if you’re just starting out in the education field. But it doesn’t have to be. Especially when you have the information and support provided here.

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Last Updated: 05/19/2014